A Sudoku Importer


Sadly, my Palm TX broke, and I used the warranty money to get an iPod Touch instead of another Palm, and so I don't have a good way (or the motivation ;) to continue developing this program. If anyone wants to take over the source code, I'ld be happy to provide them with Subversion access, and continue to host the app here, or add a pointer to the new location on this page.


The Sudoku Importer is a program which takes a set of Sudoku puzzles in a memo, and imports them all into Andrew Gregory's Sudoku program for the Palm. The format of Sudoku puzzles should be as follows:
% Sudoku From Wikipedia
Note that the title must start with "% ", which gets removed when the puzzle is imported.

How, you may ask, does one get Sudoku puzzles in this format into my Palm's Memo Pad? Conveniently, I have a program written in Python which will hit a site and download a configurable number (currently 20) of their puzzles, outputting them in the above format. However, the site I was getting the puzzles from asked me to not use them as a Sudoku source, and so I'm in the middle of updating the program to get its puzzles from another site. And while I was doing that, someone pointed a program out to me that would generate Sudoku puzzles, so I think I'll use that instead.

Yet-to-be-implemented Features

Yet-to-be-fixed Bugs


You can download a copy of the latest version (0.7) of the Sudoku Importer here.


Version 0.7 - 24/06/07 17:22

Version 0.6 - 17/01/06 17:58

Version 0.5 - 15/01/06 10:01

Version 0.4 - 09/01/06 14:42

Version 0.3 - 19/12/05 17:00

Version 0.2 alpha 3 - 11/8/05 9:32

Version 0.1 - 26/07/2005 16:06